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I have two servers both are windows 2003 service pack 2. Server 1 has both the windows terminal server licenses and the windows server 2003 1u cal. I have called the Microsoft clearing house and moved the terminal server licenses to server 1 but I am not sure how I can move the windows server 2003 cals over to server 2. I will eventually demote using dcpromo and take it offline will this move the cals?
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Nope, you will need to call Microsoft, tell them you are moving the CAL's and give them the licensen key, then they will give you a reactivation key for that server..

I've had this issue many times when home users started conneting to our TS and we were using Device CAL's... After a while we needed to "refresh" all licenses and off course you'd get the how can i explain this to Microsoft issue over and over again :) Eventually they do help you :) :)

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