SQL Log Shipping Error: Logon Failure The Target Account Name Is Incorrect

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I've been successfully using log shipping from my main server to my disaster recovery server for several months now without a problem but this morning I come in to find it's just stopped working with an error I've so far been unable to resolve.

I've tried the actions described in the following Microsoft article on the DR server but it had no effect. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/325850

Both servers are running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, it should also be noted that 1 other server I have on the same local network as the main domain controller is having similar issues accessing any network drives on the main server.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Probably the best bet is to create a regular domain user account that is local admin on both servers. Then change the SQL Server and SQL Server Agent (and the rest of the SQL services) to use that account.

That should solve the log shipping issue.


Upon further testing it would seem to be somewhat DNS related, I changed the log shipping options to use the DR servers ip address rather than its computer name and this solved the issue.
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The SQL Server Browser service is the one that is supposed to register the SQL Server with DNS. Or is the Windows server not registering?
For now I'm just using the IP address to get round this.

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