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James Hurley
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Hi Experts,

I just wanted to put this out there so i hopefully don't fall into any pitfalls when i decommision my Kerio Mailserver.

Currently i have two mailservers running. Kerio and Exchange. I now have everything working on Exchange and i'm ready to switch off kerio. Here's my question!

At the moment my MX records & Reverse DNS point to my Public IP that routes to the Kerio box through the firewall.
Exchange currently forwards all mail to Kerio and then out via our ISP.
All i intend to do is turn off Kerio, and then change the Exchange Box to the IP that kerio was on, so as to not have to alter the MX records ad then reconfigure the SMTP Connector!

Does anyone see any issues with doing it this way?
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That is what I would do. Keep things very simple.

i would prefer to change the NAT on the firewall to point to the IP Address of the Exchange server .. than chaging the ip address of the exchange box
James HurleyIT Manager


Sorry if i confused things there but that is what i intend to do, just change the NAT on the firewall to point to the IP off the Exchange box so not having to change MX & Reverse DNS entries.
yes exactly thts the best and simple way
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I met with similar migration. Can you please guide me how to co-exist kerio and exchange side by side running with single domain name. Since we have large number of data we have keep both running side by side till all the mailboxes are not migrated to the Exchange server.

MX record is set to the Kerio mail server. How to setup kerio to push email to exchange server for those email account which have been migrated to exchange server?

How exchange server push email to intra-domain those still exist on Kerio?

Exchange server version is Microsoft Exchange 2010.

Sanjay Santoki

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