SBS2003 to SBS2003 Migration

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I currently have a SBS2003 server which is out of warranty soon. I am going to migrate everything to a new SBS2003.
What is the cleanest migration path for AD, Exchange etc.
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Back it all up then restore it to the new server.
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Another way, if the existing server is working reasonably well, is to use Swing It ( If planned well, the migration can be planned for overnight with the new server coming up in the morning ready to go. ... Thinkpads_User
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If you backup your existing server and restore it to the new server, unless the hardware is identical, you will get errors, primarily from the disk controller.
There are products that are available to image the existing server and then restore it to different hardware, which may be your best option.
Example products are:
Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Windows Small Business Server Edition (RRP GBP 363.68 - GBP 447.33 depending on support option taken)
Acronis® Backup & Recovery" 10 Advanced Server SBS Edition - Needs Universal Restore Option

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