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Chris Jones
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hello i need to know if there is anyway i can develop iphone apps on my windows based system or from a vm account.
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There is no way which Apple does approve.
This means, if you want to submit your App to
the Apple AppStore your work may be rejected during validation.

For personal app development winchain works with a little hassle. -
And not with the current Version of the SDK.

Personally I would prefer buying a used Mac.

If you want you can dual boot mac and windows on your machine. I would reccomend about 30 gigs minimum if you plan to put much on the mac partition. here is a link to the directions

no I do not know where to get the torrents for the software they are talking about. Im sure youll figure it out.
Chris JonesLead Application Web Developer


thanks i gave this a try and it works and good advice i will look for a cheep ibook

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