Outlook 2003 Calendar continually sending invites

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I have two users that on occasions when they send out a calendar invite, it continues to send out to people as if it is a new event.  Over time, this issue goes away by itself.  A guy I work with suggests that this appears to be an issue with the iPhone.  We have not been able to figure this out.  Any help would be great.
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More information:

A user added an entry on a shared calendar.  She sent the invitation for people.  Now randomly, it sends over and over even though people have accepted...
Is the user creating the request on the iPhone (if so then I am presuming it's firmware has to up to date).
Could try the active sync test @ www.testexchangeconnectivity.com and post back with the results.


The user did not do it from the iPhone, however she did in the past and maybe it has followed her.  Am I testing her pc or iPhone with that link?
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Link is for testing the exchange connectivity via web browser.. Better to do it from a PC.. Doesn't have to be hers though..
I am not sure if this is realted to the iPhone. Have you tried making a meeting request using OWA and confirm whether it does it through there... We can then try and rule out Outlook...
i have the same problem with a user, although the invite is being sent at roughly 2am everyday. there are a number of things you can try although none have worked for me.

firstly, if the user is using cached exchange mode, then you can run a scanpst on their ost file

secondly, you can try a recreate the outlook profile which in turn will recreate the ost

thirdly, you can try and move the mailbox in exchange to either another server if you have or another store. if there are problems or corrupt items in the mailbox moving it will highlight this

forthly, try and wipe the iphone and then setup the exchange account again (trying 4 today will let you know how it goes).
This was an issue with the iphone.  It was resolved with the update that the iphone put out to correct tthis issue.

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