Can someone help me with an example showing a clickable thumbnail image for Joomla and I think HTML

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I was wondering what I would need to do to have a clickable thumbnail image in a module or article that when clicked would enlarge to show the full size page of the report image I want customers to see. I do not know if I have to have 2 files. One to show the smaller thumbnail image and point to it in the HTML in the Joomla module and another to be the actual larger PDF. Am I on the right track?

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you can do this many ways.  The "old" simple way of doing it is to have two files.  One is the thumbnail and one the full image.  Just link the thumbnail to the large image.  You can use target="_blank" to open the full image in a new window.  You can also use javascript to make that window a specific height and width.   However, if you want things to look cool and more modern, you might check out this link to a question I had in the past.
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I see your point. I am new so this will probably look stupid but I do not care what I look like. Do you just write Javascript straight into the Joomla GUI in the same place you would the HTML. I was wondering because if I have to go and get another editor or some other software in order to write this maybe I need an open source or free tool that will help me write this. I see the code in the examples you pointed out. I just do not know anything about Java or Ajax. I can learn. Does Java have some simple tag that goes in front of a line of code and it can be embedded anywhere in an HTML page?

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