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I have an outlook synchronisation problem with the OAB.

I had an issue and had to reinstall exchange 2007.
Since this the OAB had not worked.
I removed and recreated the OAB, but still the issue.

When Outlook syncs it give the following message
14:27:09 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
14:27:09 	0X8004010F

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Here is a fix for this issue:;EN-US;273364


On exchange server 2007 in IIS make sure that we have Integrated Auth on the OAB virtual directory.
Also male sure that you have Internal URl set on  the OAB, you can check the same in the EMC.

On Outlook try runiing the test email configuration and see if you are geting the correct URL's and see if you are able to browse the OAB.XML on client machine
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The error means cannot find, so it will not be an authentication issue.
Do you have a public folder store on the server?
Which methods have you configured for OAB distribution?

You may have to force the OAB to generate

get-offlineaddressbook | update-offlineaddressbook

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Npatang -

In IIS the directory has Integrated auth set.

I have checked the actual drive directoy and found nothing in the OAB folder - May be problem!

1. what do i need to do to recreate in this location.
2. where to i go in Exchange to check the URL reference.

CHeck if you have amy Guids created in the ExchangeOAB folder, if its there then try restarting the Microsoft file distribution server which will replicate all the guids from ExchangeOAB to OAB folder...

Path for the ExchangeOAB folder is c:\programFiles\Microsoft\Exchangeserver


lost me a bit - sorry


Mestha -
yes have public folder store
Have set public and web in the settings
ran advised commands
-The update command then prompts for an identity (can not see one so chose OAB name)
-It did not return any errors

Still not working.

Am i missing something with the folder in the drive.
I have a funny feeling that before all my issues i can remember the OAB folder being shared -
should it be file shared / I would have done it for a reason originally
-only has web share at moment.
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I would run the Best practises tool from the toolbox, see what that shows up.



I changed the share to full file share as well.
then en ExchangeOAB folder appeared - (either the share or the update has created this)
In this folders are some folders with funny names (I presume these are the GUID that Npetang is referring to)

mailbox server generate OAB in the Exchange OAB folder and this OAB should be replicated to the OAB folder of the CAS server and the same will be listed under the IIS> OAB. If you do not see any files under Exchnage OAB folders it means that MBX serve r is not generating the OBA. If you do not see any files in OAB folder it means that the OAB files are not relicating from the EXCHANGE OAB to OAB folder.

try restarting the FDS service.
Let me know if this is clear
Here is few things that you can check:
1) Exchange-OAB is created and have OAB contents.
2)You are able to access \\<mailbox server name\Exchange-Oab from CAS.
"Exchange Server" group has "Read" permission on Exchange-OAB
3)Under EMC > Org Configuration > Offline address book > Default Offline Address Book
You have enabled Web Based distribution and Public Folder distribution for Outlook 2003 client.
4)Generation server should be point to mailbox server.
5)You have mentioned that there is nothing in OAB direction on CAS.
Increase diagonatic loggin on OAB and restart Microsoft Exchange File Distribution service and Background Intelligence Transfer Service.
6)Check for possible event ids which will tell you the problem
7) For Outlook 2003 clients
EMC > Toolbox > Public Folder distribution
> System Folders are enabled and you can access OAB system folders.
For Outlook 2007 clients
From Exchange Management shell
Run Test-OutlookWebservices | fl
Make sure that the Autodiscover is working properly and Oab is accessible.
Run Get-OABvirtualdirectory | fl
will give you the detail information about
internalurl and authentication on the OAB virtual directory.
Authenticaiton on OAB virtual directory should be on "Integrated " .
You could try to access the internal URL of the OAB directly from the Client Machine.
For Furthen reference :
Check the blog of Dave Goldman


Restarted the FDS service and a folder is now apparent in the OAB folder..
EMC > Toolbox > Public Folder distribution
> System Folders are enabled and you can access OAB system folders.
For Outlook 2007 clients
*****************Did this and can see the public folders and access the "OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK" folder, but it does not advise outlook on the end.

Am still trying other options.


ran test- command:
most are ok
- um not (not installed)
- ID - 1015 / type - info / mess - OAB is not configure for this user...
- ID - 1016 / type - info / mess - AD is not configured for this user

ran the get- oab virtual command - it advised can not find server (looking for a second server)
This server was installed on another machine along side the repair on the main server just in case -
so how do i tell the command to look at only the correct server


added the identity switch for correct server and it advised can not find the oab virtual directory.
I think you should Oab GUID is copied over to CAS successfully.
The task is find the setting for Autodiscover and as you mentioned , it seems to be working.

Do you see OAB virtual directory in IIS manager .If not try recreating it .
Remove-Oabvirtualdirectory -identity <identity of the server>
New-OABvirtualdirectory -Identity <identity of the server>

Run test-emailautoconfiguration from Outlook 2007 to check if OAB URL is visible and points to the OAB GUID.
Once you are able to recreate the OAB virtual directory , you can set the InternalURL using
Set-Oabvirtualdirectory -Identiry  -Internalurl http://fqdn/oab


when i run the get-virtualdirectory without the identity switch I get advised of the information and all appears correct.

when i add the identity switch and my server name svr2 i get advised of can not find server.
Is the below command correct?
get-virtualdirectory -identity svr2

Likewise I can not remove and recreate because it does not like the identity i provide.


The synchronising appears to be working correctly and not generating and errors.
Does this means it is working - should I be able to access the OAB from the web directory of somewhere
what exactly is it used for.
Remove-OabVirtualDirectory -Identity "Server1\OAB (Default Web Site)"
Get-OabVirtualDirectory -identity "Server1\OAB (Default Web Site)" | fl
New-OabVirtualDirectory -identiry "Server1\OAB (Default Web Site)"
If you do not know value of any switch , run Get command and copy to a notepad.
So than you can use it .

good luck


All variations of the command are not working - best i get is could not find object on domain controller

as above - if i run "get-oabvirtualdirectory" it does advise of information (see attached picture) which appears correct...

Can this be done through the GUI console instead of command line...

Note - this machine is the domain controller as well - should not be an issue though...


The get command "get-oabvirtualdirectory -identity svr2" returns object could not be found

Could it be an exchange server/AD issue.. Could the exchange server somehow not be registered in the AD?
Command seems incorrect ?
There is other way like uninstalling the CAS role and then reinstalling it which will reset all the virtual directories.
But try using the command shell .I am sending you screenshot of My test environment.
"TEST" is the name of my CAS server.
From IIS manager, If you Browse OAB.xml ,do you  see OAB files.
autodiscover should pass the test.



I rechecked the default website and found the oab.xml file in the virtual directory.

I also ran the test-webservices | fl command - it appears to have worked with warnings regarding my user..
-This user does not have a Exchange mailbox..
- So does this look like it is working..

-Exactly what access security permissions / web permissions should be set on the actual OAB folder..

Look like autodiscover is working correctly , But Oab is not configured.
which mean OAB URL is not set correctly

You can check the OAB internal url and external URL from Exchange management console.
Under IIS virtual directory and Autodiscover should have both basic and Integrated authentication.
All other virtual directories which are related to Autodiscover such as OAB,EWS should have "Integrated" only.

when autodiscover is contacted it will fetch URLs for other services like OOF,EWS,OAB.
So,you need to make sure that you have correct internal URL for other OAB and other related services.

Test-OutlookWebservices | fl shows that autodiscover and other services are contactable.
In the test "EXCH" means autodiscover connect internally and it is not configured for OAB.


I have checked the the EMC settings and appear OK.. (I have attached a picture)
I checked the website settings and they appear correct as advised, except for OOF, EWS - what are they - Am i missing them..(screen shot attached)

EWS  is the webservice using which you can download Freebusy information for Outlook 2007 users.
From your earlier tests it seems to be working fine.

You cannot download OAB , unless https://srv2.pyramid.local/OAB/Guid of OAB folder/oab.xml is accessible from Client machine.
You can also configure OAB on http://srv2.pyramid.local/OAB.
but remove SSL setting from OAB virtual directory.

OAB property > directory security > Secure Communication [Edit] > uncheck the "require SSL" option.

The actual point is make OAB url accessible to Outlook Client using Autodiscover.
 when you ran Test E-mailAutoconfiguration on Outlook 2007 client , do see the OAB url ?
If Yes , what is that URL ?
Open browser on Client Machine and type  https://srv2.pyramid.local/OAB/Guid of OAB folder/oab.xml .
See if you can access the OAB informaiton .

Browse to the location of OAB folder in CAS server.
Check permission on those OAB share folder , You can add authenticated users and give them read permission.

If you have a Self signed certificate for IIS then you need to make sure that OAB is configured on Http://
and not on Https://


Have check settings advised:

client machines can view https://svr2/oab/guid/oab.xml

Check SSL settings and is off - we use a go daddy certificate so should this be on..

Domain users group is already configured with read access security for the c:\program files\microsoft\exchange server\clientaccess\oab folder and included files
-Web security is set to read and browse directory
So my when you DO you see the URL for OAB when you run test Emailautoconfiguration .?


I have now ran the test-outlookwebservices command - here are the results..

It appears to find an address of
for the OAB

I presume that all the outlook web services sit in the/EWS/Exchange.asmx file
and it can not fine the service that then points back to the virtual directory of /OAB/oab.xml
Yes , you are right!! Oab is configured correctly and appears to working but the URL is incorrect.
It should be some thing like this https://svr2.pyramid.local/OAB 
You can change it from EMC .
EMC > Server configuration > client access > Offline address book distribution > OAB properties > URL tab
set both internal and external url according to your environment.YOu should be able to download OAB now.


My Internal and external URL appear to be set correctly..

Or should they both be set to the internal URL and the certificate does the external link..?

The OAB does appear to be working though..
The url set are correct for domain joined Outlook client OAB will be downloaded using internal URL.
For external Outlook clients (Outlook Anywhere clients) OAB will be downloaded on External URL.
Do you have autodiscover configured for Outlook Anywhere clients ?


Yes autodiscover is enabled for outlook anywhere use and appears to work..
Then It you should be able to download OAB,OOF and Free Busy information .


Thats an interesting comment - I have noticed an error in my event logs referencing an issue when publishing the free/busy information.

I think the rest is working OK now..
In Exchange 2007, they way OAB,OOF and Free busy data is distributed is different for differnet clients.
If you have a client whose mail box is located on Exchange 2007 and he is using an Outlook 2003 client.
Free Busy data is shared using Public folders.
EMC > Toolbox > Public Folder management console > system folders.
If system folder not there then it's a problem.

Now,Mailbox is in Exchange 2007 server and your client is using an Outlook 2007 then by default it will look for Availability server using Autodiscover.
That's web distribution.
Now, the event id mentioned tells me that there is problem updating the system folders.You know where top look for the problem now.
Another situation where availability does not work is when you Mail box is on a Exchange 2003 server + CAS/HUB + Outlook 2007 client.
Conclusion : Availablity does not work if we have legacy server or client .
hope this helps
In the end I had a bigger problem that involved re-installing the whole machine.
That fixed this issue - ha ha.

Thanks for all the help guys.

I will close and award points.

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