How to get Notepad++ to associate .ss files as html files.

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Hi all,

How can I get Notepad++ to associate .ss files as html files for the purpose of syntax highlighting??

I went into Settings -> Style Configurator...

From there I selected HTML and added ss as a User ext.

However when I open files with a .ss extension it opens them up as "Scheme" files.

How can I get ss files to be opened in Notepad++ and have the html syntax highlighting applied to them??

I am using Notepad++ v5.4.3

Thanks for any help.

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That is because '.ss' is being used by 'scheme'.

Locate your 'langs.xml' file in the notepad++ directory. (C:\Program Files\Notepad++\langs.xml)

Search for
<Language name="scheme" ext="scm smd ss" commentLine=";">
change that line to
<Language name="scheme" ext="scm smd" commentLine=";">



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