How does one detect the LAN speed of a NIC on a Netware 6.5sp7 server?

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The only way it seems to detect the LAN speed of a NIC on a Netware server is to reboot.
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You can see the set speed by using the INETCFG utility (loaded at the console).  Choose Boards (the top selection) and then press enter on the board to see details.  A 0 in each means auto negotiate both speed and duplex.  A 1 in speed is 10 and a 2 equals 100.  A 1 in duplex is half and a 2 is full.

I'm not sure if the CONFIG utility will report the detected or auto-set speed/duplex or not.

You may also try to load the CONFIG.NLM and let it run for a minute or so.  When it is done creating the CONFIG.TXT report it unloads itself (watch in the Logger screen).  That report may tell you also the detected information.


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