IMAP exchange 2003 (use of iphone)

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my boss has decided they want to allow iphones to be used, over ruling my no iphone policy and trying to keep to a standard shop of only BB.

few questions since i have to enable the imap protocal
1. can i use the same SSL certificate we use for OWA or will that intefer or cause issues ? should i get a new SSL cert for IMap ?

2. when securing it, i was going to turn off basic authentication will this still work with the iphone, im assuming they will just have to set the phone to secure connection ?

3. under the relay tab is it the same as with smtp where it is already set to stop relaying?

4. and finally under relaying i was thinking to create a group say "iphone users" and under relaying only allow that group will that work ?
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Why use IMAP at all?
Get the iPhone upgraded to the latest software and use ActiveSync.
No need to open additional ports, relaying etc.

With regards to IMAP, you can use the same SSL certificate, you just need to put it on to the IMAP server through ESM. If you turn off basic authentication it will stop working (IMAP is a plain text protocol).
You do need to lock down relaying, or use the mobile phone company SMTP server instead.

Answer to your first Questions.
1) You can use the same certificate on the IMAP4.
2) You can check with the normal IMAP 4 account, if y our normal profile wroks the same configuration will work on the iphone as weel.
3) you need to make sure  that in the relay tab the "Alloow all computer which successfyllu authenticate to relay whould be check" should be enable. as your iphone uses the same IMAP4 settings like your desktop users.
4) You can only add the IP address or subnet in the realy tab.

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