Why does the Offline files icon in systems tray still show files are not synchronized after successful synchronization?

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I have a Windows XP computer that reports "offline files - offline files not synchronized" in systems tray even though the synchronization appears to be successfull.  Synchronize Manager shows the synchronization progress bar reaches 100% then reports that synchronization was successfull.

Client is folder redirecting to windows 2003 file server.
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How to re-initialize the offline files cache and database
Any chance the CSC is corruppted? Never seen it cause this type of problem, but if all files are in synch (and please double check, to be 100% sure), you can reinitialize the Offline Files cache, by going to the Offline Files folder, and holding CTRL+SHIFT, and then clicking the Delete button.
If files are not in sync.....
 If the Offlines Files folder shows files not synchronized, or only local copy exists, please follow here....

Get the following from the web....

Features and functions in version 1.1 of the Client-Side Caching ...

DL it here....Copy it to C:\windows\system32

Then run the following command....

csccmd.exe /extract /target:C:\ExFiles /recurse
csccmd.exe /extract /target:C:\ExFiles /recurse /onlymodified

If you see it extracting data, then go to c:\ExFiles and see whats present....

Once this is verified.....Follow the steps to Reinit the CSC.....


Thanks!  Sorry it took so long to close.  I thought I had already done so!

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