Viewing user's group membership of other domains

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We are running Windows 2003 AD.

Our forest root is and we have child domains of, and

I am a domain admin of

If I go to a the properties of a a user >Properties > Member of

I can only see groups within the UK domain that he is a member of...likewise, if I try to add him to another group, then I don't even have the ability to select another domain from which to choose the group?

Why is this? Surely I should read permission across the board - I'm just curious to know why I can't see what non-UK group membership he has?
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Not sure what type of group you are saying about.
Is it a domain local / global or universal group?

Anyways, here is the registry tweak to make users of other domains displayed on a universal group.


This is normal behavior. From the "Membership" tab in ADUC, you can only add users to groups in the same domain. If you want to add the user to a universal group in other domain, you need to open the properties page for that group and add them that way.

As Shaba mentioned, you can apply the hotfix and the universal group membership of other domains will display on the user's membership tab.


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