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I have a problem with Layer Manager on one of the workstations. All three workstations we run this product on are Windows XP.

On this particular workstation, the Layer Manager Dialog Box will not display the On/Off, Freeze/Thaw, Lock/Unlock. Plot/No-Plot icons for any of the layers - it is just blank. It does display linetype, color, linethickness. There is a similar issue with the "Current Layer" pulldown on the "Layers" toolbar. These icons are displayed in the "current layer" toolbar pulldown, but when you click on the pulldown to display layers to choose from, these icons are missing there as well.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling AutoCAD map, but it does not help. I am wondering if there is something in Windows or some common DLL that is causing the problem outside of AutoCAD. As I said before, it is only occurring on this particular workstation.
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It's been a while since I've worked on 2004 but this version may have had it's layer manager working with the .Net Framework.  Try uninstalling the version of .Net (if any) that 2004 uses and reinstall that same version.

Again, It's been a while so I'm not even sure any longer if 2004 is using .Net or not.

In later versions of AutoCAD, you can control which property columns show up in the layer manager but those changes shouldn't push back to the layer drop down.


This is not a direct answer to your question but may give clues to help. Maybe a registry setting?

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