Server Mirror Resyncing for 17 hours

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Hi I have an IBM xSeries 225 server which has two SCSI drives with 36.7 G B
of capacity.

Now the issue is that the person who setup the server the first time forgot to
enable mirroring between both drives; that's where I came into play.

I identified the drive with the data configured it as the primary drive and I
configured the other one as a secondary drive. Afterwards the server started
resynchronizing and its been like that since yesterday. The drive with data had
approx. 22 GB of data.

Should this process be taking so long or is this going to kill my drives?
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no it should not take that long if it a hardware raid. Software raid do take longer depending on server and operating system

I would back up the data with disk image software and external drive.
format the drives clean
create the mirror I am assuming this is a hardware raid if software raid it could take this long if server is busy
restore the data after raid created using recovery cd and external drive.



Yeah I ghosted the server before I attempted to synchronize the drives, but I expected to use this option only as a last resort, since this server possesses a major deployment.

I might have to perform a dry run of restoring the image to another drive and testing it before doing what you suggest. Thank you.

But what I don't know is on average how long should it take 1 - 2 hrs maybe?
That's how much creating the image took.
It should not take more that 2 hour it does not take any longer than formating the drive.

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I was looking through a forum at IBM and some guy says that it could take upto 3 days
Yeah looks like the guy at the forum was right.

Resyncing the disk took almost 3 days, but may this was becuase the disk has over 20 GB of data,
and  maybe resyncing a set of newly formatted drives would be faster like two or three hours.

So when in doubt just be patient.
that shocking I just rebuilt a server a hp and with 100 gig and it to 5 hours.
anyway good luck


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