Managing Product Warranties with Reminders in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

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I am very new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 so appologies in advance for anything that sounds basic.  We are an IT company and as such sell lots of services to clients, services which can have expiry dates (or renewal dates), an example of this would be a firewall for instance, which would have manufacturer services added onto it like content filtering.  i want to be able to manage these so that i can get reminders for these products and then proactively remind (and bill) my clients.  The same would apply for Servers which are coming close to warranty expiry.  

Just wanted to know if there is a simple way of creating a product, associate that product with a client and then get reminders 30 days or 60 days (or both) before the warranty was going to expire. providing steps would be very helpful.
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To get e-mail reminders you should consider using workflows.  Workflows run in the background and can be triggered automatically based on, for example, values in fields. In your case, you would have a workflow that waited until 30 or 60 days before an expiry date and then sent an e-mail.

To record expiry dates for warranties, you could record the details in a Contract record (see the Service area) or consider creating your own custom entity to record the details.

If you create a product and sell a product to a client you could also record details on the order or invoice product that is created when you use the sales side of CRM.

The way to go depends on how much of the CRM appplication you are using.

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