Handling Meeting requests in inbox with vb.net & vsto

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I have a routine that iterates through a users inbox and carries out various transactions on each email. This is all working fine. However if a user has a meeting request in the inbox the routine falls over. Can someone reccomend a way of handling this as i want to ignore the meeting requests.

many thanks

Dim inbox As MAPIFolder = Me.Application.ActiveExplorer().Session.GetDefaultFolder(OlDefaultFolders.olFolderInbox)
            Dim items As Outlook.Items = inbox.Items 
            For Each mi As MailItem In items
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I could be wrong here, and don't have the right system in front of me to test, but I believe even though in the inbox, meeting requests are actually still of type AppointmentItem, not MailItem.
Have you tried using the OfType on items?

For Each mi As MailItem In items.OfType(Outlook.MailItem)
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You may try to change the loop to the following

For i as integer = 1 to Items.count
      If TypeOf(Items(i)) Is MalItem Then
         'rest of the code here
      End If
Thanks for the suggestions above in the end i achieved what i needed by examining the message class if the messageclass was "IPN.Note" then i processed the item otherwise it was ignored.

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