What is the best ecommerce solution for asp.net 3.5 in VB?

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I have a customer who wants an ecommerce solution just like the rest of the world. She currently is registered on web.com. She wants me to either make it work on web.com, or create my own custom ecommerce solution. I am an asp.net developer who uses VB. Does anyone know what the best solution for this would be. I don't know if I should create it myself, or if I should go with her web.com solution, or find a solution that is already out there to recommend to her.

Please advise the best route and please provide specific examples if at all possible. I really appreciate the help.
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hello anyone??

I have been investigating the best asp.net ecommerce for the past
4 years on and off. Most of them are in C# now.

I know BV Software uses VB: http://www.bvsoftware.com/

I'll check my notes for any other I think that use VB.


thank you mike mcsd...if I were to create my own ecommerce solution...do you have any idea what a price range would be for developing one from scratch. I am so overwhelmed with information...I just need a starting point...can you please help with that? thanks so much. I am desparate:)
It depends on what features you want for the website.
How much do you want to spend?
Also, like I said before, most asp.net carts are in C# now.

If you want to create a basic cart, you can use this book
that I used about 5 years ago (in VB.NET)
(They have a newer versions of the book but they are in C#.):


that website is still up now and making over $800,000.00 is sales currently.
I did modify the code a lot.

Right now, I am going to convert that site over to
the AbleCommerce ecommerce package (C#), which cost $1000.

Here's on for $250 that is pretty good, but it's in C#:


Paying for a cart already made will save you a lot of time.
These carts are loaded with feature too.

You may want to consider learning/using C# also.
It seems most everthing (esp. jobs) are using it.

MikeMCSD, I'm hoping that you see this comment.  I am researching how we can improve our ecommerce site (ASP.NET 3.5, VB, C#, Webservices).  I have ordered the 2009 version of the ASP.NET ecommerce book that you mentioned but it won't arrive for a couple weeks.  I would be interested in picking your brain a little on the use of the "pipeline" as I saw mentioned in the table of contents when viewing on amazon.  Our former solution was done in asp classic with Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition (pretty old technology) and it used what it called the "pipeline'.  I am wondering if the pipeline in the ASP.NET ecommerce book is the same thing, and if that book recommends use of a newer version of Site Server...  With our current solution, we chose to not use any other product to handle cart, paymt, etc, and we have done it all by hand.


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