A regex expression to find files where something does not occur in

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How do I write a regex in Agent Ransack to find the files which doesnt contain my searching criteria text?
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That doesn't sound like a regex issue, please explain.
evilrixSenior Software Engineer (Avast)

Just a suggestion...

If the regex engine supports "lookaround" you can use negatived lookahead.

A negative look ahead says, only match if the lookahead fails.
Agent Ransack apparently doesn't allow negative lookahead constructs.  Consider another Windows grep utility.

Here's a translated page of a thread discussing the same issue:


Thank You people!

It took me long time to look through the link of Yours ddrudik, but suddently I fell over the name "Total Commander" - and that program I allready have, and I was pleased to see that it does exactly the job And even very easy - and without any regexp knowledge! :o)


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