Configuring Vendor Option 156 in Ubuntu DHCP3 server

pfox74 used Ask the Experts™
I am trying to configure DHCP3 server on Ubuntu to provide auto-config info for my Shoretel phones.  The Shoretel documentation discusses how to do this using Vendor Option 156 to pass the info in windows but not in Linux.  Does anyone know the syntax to configure this?

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I found the solution.  You can define a new vendor specific option.  

I found the answer at this link:

       option new-name code new-code = boolean ;

       An  option  of  type boolean is a flag with a value of either on or off
       (or true or false).   So an example use of the boolean type would be:

       option use-zephyr code 180 = boolean;
       option use-zephyr on;

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