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I am getting "Background thread FDoUpdateCatalog halted on database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store ()" due to error code 0x80004005." MSExchangeIS Mailbox Error 7200, and when I have Full Text indexing on I get "Background thread FDoBuildCatalog halted on database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store ()" due to error code 0x80004005."  I still get the first error whether Indexing is on or off.  I do not have AV installed on the server, I have done dcdiag and got an error saying the server is not a DC.  Network Diag comes back clean with no errors.  The DNS is correct but the server still gives this error and it is running slow even though the processor does not get above 10 percent.  Any suggestions would be recommended.
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Run ExBPA and correct any memory related issues like system pages, heapdecommitfreeblockthreshhold......might help you in resolving this and and it is related to indexing so you may consider reboot of the server once

ESEUTIL is you r friend. It will tell you if your Exchange BD is "Dirty" and allow you to do a cleanup off-line that would otherwise go unattended. The meta-data in Exchnage is never purged automaticaly. Old, removed user database space is never recovered until you run an offline-defrag of the Exchange DB using ESEUTIL.

It inevitably helps all of my Exchange servers (I have 15 of them) and need it or not, I run it once a year.

Here's a good article on running it once a DB is "dirty":

And MS has a ton of support for it (since it is an MS tool) liker this:

It should help you alot.


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