Detail info about Binary table in MSIPackageDiff

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I am comparing 2 MSI files of different version. I am getting error as shown in an image file.
Really speaking I have just rebuild the application with same set of files.
Can someone exlain what this error is?
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Looks to me like there's no error. It shows that Binary table has some rows that are different between the two files.


Sorry, but that's what my question is!!!!!! What are these row difference? How to get their details?
There are no details. Binary table holds binary information, such as various DLL's that perform custom actions, for instance. Installshield has many proprietary actions that it puts in the installation, and these actions are performed by Installshield code which is binary library which is stored in Binary table. One of them is ISSELFREG.DLL that you can see in the picture. Binary table also holds icons and various graphics that you see on the dialogs during the installation. You can try to find out where those "newbinary"'s are used by searching for their names across all tables in Direct Editor.

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