New Belkin flip DVI KVM Switch Not working

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We have an associate who uses a seperate PC to run payroll once every other week, and we have been trying to get her setup with a new KVM switch.  

For a little better perspective, her main Desktop PC is a Dell optiplex 760 with a DVI Video card, and the secondary (payroll PC) is an old dell dimension 4100 with a VGA video card.  We purchsed this new DVI/USB KVM switch and I hooked it all up properly using a DVI to VGA adapter for the video card on the older PC.  After booting up both PC's, her main Desktop (the newer one) would be visible (green side) on the monitor, but her older one (yellow side) would not when we switched views using the KVM.

Here are a list of things that i've done to troubleshoot this problem of not being able to switch to view the second PC:
1. - I was using a VGA monitor extension cable and figured that could be faulty, so I plugged directly from the DVI-VGA connector into the PC and it still didn't work...

2. - I tried swapping sides and plugged the optiplex into the yellow side and the dimension into the green... Still no view for the older PC, but the new one worked regardless of which side it was plugged into.

3. I grabbed a newer Dell optiplex GX270 desktop that had both VGA and DVI outputs and tried it on the alternate port from the main Desktop PC and it couln't be viewed by the monitor either regardless of which side I plugged it into...

4. - I grabbed another Dell optiplex 760 identical to the desktop that is currently working (except it has a VGA output) and hooked it into the switch, and it could not be viewed on the Monitor either.

Is there any kind of setup or Video setting changes that may need to be made for the second PC hooked onto the KVM? I didn't think that it would need anything done because we didn't do anything to get the Main PC to work, but wanted to check before removing it and getting another KVM to try.
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Well... because we wanted to have this fixed before she returns tomorrow we reverted to using a full VGA KVM and all works fine... there must be something about converting VGA to DVI and back that messes up the process.

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