SCSI U160 Tape Drive on a HP Server w/ PCIe2? Assistance on What Parts I Need?

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We just purchased a new HP Proliant ML350 G6 server.

I also have a nearly-new LTO Tape Drive available which connects via U160 SCSI / LVD DB-68.
Can you assist me on exactly what I would need to get these to work well together?

I believe all I'll need:
- PCI-e SCSI HBA (but which would be best? As well as what cabling/adapters?)
- Internal db-68 terminated SCSI cable

Thanks for your time!
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You can buy Adaptec 19160 or 29160 card. Both will came with terminated internal cables.
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412911-B21 HP Single Channel Ultra320 PCI-E SC11Xe Host Bus Adapter

166389-B21 LVD cable (U320)

Of course you can buy an Adaptec as medvedd says but it's not a supported option so any problems you would have to talk to both HP and Adaptec.


Thank you! The order is in, and I'm now sure that the issues will be minimal! Thanks again!

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