Cannot see opened Outlook email it is miminized to the taskbar?

dangaioz1 used Ask the Experts™
In OE6 whenever I open any email it will minimize directly to the taskbar, so I can't read it.
Hitting maximize or restore on the minimized email window does nothing.  
I do not have it set to start minimized.
My resolution is set to the maximum, am an expert at computers. but this one has me stumped.  
The email is not hidden behind any windows.  I am now having the same problem in Outlook 2003.
Another problem, Outlook 2003 is now starting minimized and nothing I do will restore or maximize the window.  Already scanned for viruses, and tried to repair Outlook '03 without any luck.

Please help, Mark
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Does this happen with all users? If not, easiest thing to do might be to rename the profile, and retest with a fresh one.....
Any other apps affected? Would think so.....
Gonna throw out the below util just in case you havent seen it before. Fixes alot of Taskbar related problems....
Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!.htm


Does not happen with all users on computer.
The same problem occurred using two separate programs Outlook Express 6 and MS Outlook 2003?
The only commonality is that I transferred the email from OE6 to Outlook 2003, but the problem in OE6 did not make its way to Outlook 2003 for several months.
I am looking for a solution other than deleting the profile, since I have a feeling the problem will only return.
Perhaps there is a virus I'm not seeing, a registry error, or could this have something to do with the heavy volume of emails in the account with large attachments.
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You might try resetting it to its first run default settings:
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Keep in mind.....
"a registry error"=problem in the profile, since it only affects 1 user.
Amount of email in the app shouldnt have any bearing on whether or not it can minimize properly.....
I understand not wanting to kill the profile..... You can start with a fresh Outlook profile at least...
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Oh, and Viral activity would be more general than a single user...... Think it is safe to rule that one out....
I solved it.
I started the computer in Safe-Mode, and I was able to access the emails without any problems.
After restarting the computer normally I was upset to see it was not fixed.
I have only ever seen this occur with viruses.
After going back into Safe-Mode I emptied the Deleted Items, and the Junk E-Mail.
Again, restarting normally I was happily surprised to see the problem was fixed.
I am almost positive now this had something to do with the Deleted Items.
Possibly too many emails that needed to be compacted or a corrupted email?
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Maybe a corrupted email.... Who knows....  Just glad you got a resolution....

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