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Hello.  I have a 9200c digital sender that apparently once had a service pin on it.  I've performed the cold reset, unplugged the power, ect - everthing short of removing the RAM.  There's a chance that there might potentially be a built-in pin after the cold reset; however, HP and their wonderful documentation doesn't seem to cover the issue.  BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) - I need to be able to give this thing an IP address so that I can move on to updating the firmware.  Anyone with experience with digital senders and default/pin resets for the service menu, please help!  I have the manual and have been to all that google has to offer on this, short of an answer.  Thanks.
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The service menu is pin protected for hp service or partner service personnel to fix hardware problems and is not published officially.

The IP address can be changed in the menu:

Configure device - I/O - Embedded JetDirect - TCP/IP submenus for IP Address, hostname, gateway, subnet mask.

if these menus to configure the network are locked you will need to do a cold reset.

Cold reset on 9200
To perform a cold reset
1 Turn off the digital sender.
2 Turn on the digital sender.
3 While the product is performing its memory count, hold down the #6 key. When the three status
LEDs are illuminated, release the #6 key.
4 Press the #3 key four times until the display shows COLD RESET.
5 Press the #6 key once to initiate the cold reset. The product will continue its boot-up sequence.



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