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I have created a distribution list on our Exchange 2003 mail server; however, it is not showing up in our global address list in Outlook (we use Outlook 2007, if that makes any difference). I have tried restarting Outlook, to no avail.

What am I missing? What needs to be done?
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check if your outlook is running in cached mode.
if that is the case, then it is because of the offline address book on the exchange 2003 server
the offline address book is generated once on the server and outlook client downloads the same once a day.

if your outlook is in cached mode, try to change the mode and see if the list is available in online mode.
rakesshmiglani is correct.  The quickest way to check this is to logon via Web Access as this is a direct connection to the Exchange Server.  If you see it listed in OWA then it's an issue with your Outlook.

Also make sure that you mail enabled the group.  I have spent too much time trying to troubleshoot why the RUS wasn't working, then remembered that the group didn't have an address.


Per rakeshmiglani's suggestion, I checked and my Outlook is indeed running in cached mode, and further confirmed that there was an issue with Outlook in that I tried OWA per bobohost's suggestion and the distribution list appeared there. I took Outlook off of cached mode, restarted Outlook, and the problem was solved!

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