Installing PhP on IIS 6.0

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after a very frustrating morning trying to get a simple submit form to post to a formmail.php, i noticed that php wasn't even installed. So i go to php site and download latest version of PHP using the .msi installer package.  (php 5.3) run through the wizard and seemed simple enough, but i go into Application extensions and .php isn't listed, so i add and use the php5ts.dll that is in the php install folder and set verb to all etc.  so i open up notepad and create a test php doc

<title> PHP Test Script </title>
phpinfo( );

install at root and enter
and it asks me if i want to open or save the file.. Anyone install php that maybe can help me through this.  
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did u restart the IIS(iisreset) server after adding the php extension?
Aldo have you set the env variable PATH to the php dir?


i did restart IIS, i didn't add the var path however...i just added the path of C:\php to the env variable. That is the path it is installed at, i will test and get back


it still acts like it is a file to be downloaded or saved
After changing the PATH variable you will have to restart your PC

also go through the checklist mentioned here

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