reset alcatel omnistack switch without password

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I have some omnistack 6124 and 6148 and can connect but not login via console.

The guest account is working, the admin account is not working, maybe a wrong password.

I think I have to reset them to factory defaults, but I don't know how.

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I had a do this quite a while ago. I remember having to set it back to the default configuration file, I believe it is named Factory_Default_Config.cfg. I can't recall if it is possible under the guest access though.
The command should be:
boot system config: Factory_Default_Config
Actuall I don't think you can do that under guest. But I recall that the default password for the admin account was either password or switch. Try them... ?


Thank you, I will try it now.
Ok, I found out, that there is a difference if the switch has "aos" as operating system or not. If so you can abort the boot process and then you have different options to proceed. If not you have no chance to reset the switch without a few jumper settings on the management card.

When I find more Information I will attach them here later.

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