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One of our QAs is  a part of an NT Group, that  in turn has  a login on a SQL Server 2005, and a member of db_datareader role on a database.
This QA was able to create a diagram on that database in SSMS, but once it was created she hasn't been able to see it.
I read that only the diagram creator or a member of db_owner role can acceess the diagram.
She created the diagram, but she can't see it. Any permission I can give to her (not db_owner) so that she can see her diagram?
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Mohed SharfiVice CEO

Please try this to able create diagram.
REVOKE EXECUTE ON OBJECT::YourDatabaseName.sp_creatediagram
FROM YourUserName;

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You are running into a confluence of 2 issues here.

When you connect to SQL using Windows group, you cannot define a default schema. It is greyed out. This means that if you want everyone to be in a specific schema, you can't do it by default. When users connect through membership in a Windows group, SQL will automatically create a separate user (mapped to the AD acct), and a schema of the same name.

So the issue here is that when she created the diagram -- it defaulted out to the dbo instead of to her schema. Then when she goes back -- having only data reader, she isn't considered the owner.

The work around might be to grant her access as the MyDomain\HerUserId instead of using the group. Then it might work.

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This was the correct explanation of the problem. I was able to understand the reason for the issue.
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Glad to be of assistance. May all your days get brighter and brighter.

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