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Hi Experts,

I have a default Tomcat installation in one of my production environments.  I'm using it to serve an EMC Documentum Webtop 5.3 web application.

The problem is that some navigations are very slow.  Navigating between some pages are 5 to 10 times slower than the same navigation done on the same pages in the same application on a Websphere Application Server (WAS).

Are there ways that I can customize/configure Tomcat to allow for faster browsing?

Some vitals about my environment are listed below:

OS of Web Server -  Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition SP2
JVM Version - Java SE runtime environment 1.6.0_13
Tomcat version - 6.0.18
Tomcat Initial Memory Pool - 1024MB
Tomcat Max Memory Pool - 2048 MB
Tomcat Thread Stack Size - blank
Tomcat Average session count - 30
Tomcat Applications Served - 1

Hope I didn't miss anything.

Please assist
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A few questions to start with:

What are the specs on the physical box Tomcat and Websphere are running on?  Are they comparable?

Which version of Websphere are you running?

Does the applications access a backend database?  If so, do they both access the same database server?
You may need to add the MaxPermSize parameter, it should be Max Memory Pool divide by four.
Rsulliv1principal solution architect
Any errors in the log?

Are there any extra docbases setup in the dmcl.ini? if so, are they accessable? if not, then the extra time could be b/c of the failing connections to the extra docbases.

Turn on application tracing and see if you can track down the slow spots. Post results here if nothing appears too obvious.

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Thanks - we moved it off to another server (similar spec) and it looks good now.  Don't know what the problem was.

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