cshell  if expression error

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When the if statement evals to false it displays the error message "if Expression syntax"
It works fine when the statement is true.

set tmp = ('grep ^$EFN EFN_list.txt`)
if ($tmp == "") goto try_again

I've found a workaround using the $status variable instead of $tmp, but I don't understand why the if statement is behaving the way it does.
I use the same statement elsewhere in the program, but not for evaluating a grep statement.

The EFN_list.txt files contain lines with the following format:
js333 bicmos_sige partNumber Comments

if $EFN is set to js333 the grep statement will return the info above.  I was trying to trap for incorrect user entry when my if statement started acting up.

Whats going on here?
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your misunderstanding is that "the if expression evaluates to false".

In case that grep doesn't find the searchstring, "tmp" will be empty, so that the expanded 'if' statements reads

if (  == "") ....

which is obviously syntactically  incorrect.

Better us 'grep -c' to get a numeric value, and test this value to be zero or nonzero.


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I get
 Unmatched '.
set tmp = ('grep ^$EFN EFN_list.txt`)
if you meant
set tmp = ( `grep ^$EFN EFN_list.txt`)
then you should probably change
if ($tmp == "") goto try_again
if ("$tmp" == "") goto try_again


Ahh,, like the old MSDOS batch file days...
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