Shrinking a Virtual disk in VMWare ESX-I 4

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I need help, we are starting to virtualize to reduce cost of hardware. I used Acronis to create an image of the entire HDD of the server and moved it to an external HDD. The image is 160GB and when i try to convert it to a virtual disk using VM Converter Standalone Client it uses the entire disk and i get a Virtualized disk with 160GB. is there any way i can shrink it.
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When using converter, you can change the size of the disk. If you already created it, you can use a lot of tools to shrink. Also a neat trick is to use converter. Use source destination the same ESX, only different name.
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To comment on what Bleeuwen says, it has to be at least VMware Converter 4.
Additionaly, with version 4, instead of resizing the disk, you can provision the disk as Thin, so you can say you  have a 160GB drive, but if there is only 20Gb of data written to the virtual disk, the bmdk size will only be 20GB. It will grow to the maximum 160GB if that much data is written to the VMDK.


Thank you very much.

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