I need specific steps to clone a 2008 server

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I need to clone an existing 2008 server install. I used to have a doc around that had instructions for cloning a 2003 server from a drive that was part of a raid 1 mirror.  This did not require any cloning software, and worked well.

The steps I used were to break the mirror, and place one of the two mirrored drives into another server. I would then boot up the server without a network connection, change the name, join a unique workgroup, and run newsid.

That is about as much as I can remember. I know I need to clear all log entries in event viewer too, but am drawing a blank on the remaining steps to finish the process so as not to have conflicts between the two servers. Once configured I will rebuild the mirror on the source and target server by adding a second drive on each.

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I used sysprep to do what I needed. Part of my cloning practices in the past was to run newsid, but that seems to break server 2008. Sysprep is very simple and fast.

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