Scripting new Firewall rule for Windows 2008

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My goal is to disable a inbound port on a remote server via a windows application or script.

What I want to do is disable all inbound traffic on port 80, therefore customers will not be able to hit that server. example

http://server1:80 - would be disabled after this rule has been enabled

Let me know if this is possible, most specificly if you can do this procedure remotely if you have admin rights to server1 from server2.

Thank you
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You have a few options:
1. Use Group Policy settings to set this if you are on the same domain as the remote server and have rights to apply group policy changes to it. (Probably not interesting).
2. Connect to the remote server using the MMC snap-in for Advanced Firewall and add the disabled ports there.
3. Scripting, more complex but will sure get the job done:
The document above should explain the stepts that you have to take to use the new scripting interface to interact with the firewall.


thank you

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