post data using "WebRequest" or  "Net.WebRequest and redirect using

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  I want to use "WebRequest" or  "Net.WebRequest" to create and  send post data to https website and redirect to https website.
How is it possible using 3.5 framework.

i wan to try some thing like this,
 Dim hwrRequest = Net.WebRequest.Create(strPostUrl)
                hwrRequest.ContentType = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
                hwrRequest.Method = "POST"
i am not sure above approach is proper not not.
Also let me know how to redirect the response stream(https site)

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Here's a few hints, but more importantly, download the WebRequest wrapper to make it easy for yourself: (link to wrapper on same page).

Here's full code (ignore the question about the 404, it is not relevant for you):

The redirect can be done based on the returned data. See the wrapper.

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