Access 2007 Variable declarations - Variable available to any sub that calls for it

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A variable is calculated in a Sub, Let's call it VarForAll
Another Sub needs the value previously calculated for VarForAll. I don't want to pass it as an argument.
Where and How do I declare VarForAll so any sub can use it.
Should the sub asking for VarForAll be private or Public?

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Hello AAlpha1,

In a normal code module insert a line after the option statement(s) as for instance:

public VarforALl as integer

Using whatever type is appropriate.  Everyone including forms should now be able to see the variable and whatever it was most recently populated with ... within access code modules at any rate!

Chris Bottomley has given you the correct answer, but I would just like to add that while global variables can be convenient (because you don't have to bother passing them as parameters) they are also a problem precisely because they are global. Which means that code anywhere can alter them and it may be difficult to debug as a result.
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Global variables can also lose their value if you encounter an unhandled error. If you must use global variables, make sure to implement full error handling.


Thank you Chris. And, I appreciate the wise warnings from
LambertHeenan: and LSMConsulting:

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