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If you were to virtualized an environment, which systems would you target and why?
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Do you mean, what services would you virtualize, or what hardware would you chose to host the virtualization?
We virtualized our workstations.
This allow use to only have to update one windows image for all workstaion with different hardware.
We have 4 different type of workstaion base with linux shells and all run the same windows virtualized machines.
If a workstaion goes down we just change the machine and it ready to go in 10 minutes with no reinstalling windows..

We normally virtualize keeping optimization, Administration overheads, physical space, power consumption, easy/faster backup and restore, etc..  in mind. I can say optimization, because, you may be running an application which is not resource hungry and you tend to host it on a virtual machine so that a physical machine isnot wasted for a simple appl. Like wise the other factors will be considered.

you need to think of the above mentioned points and many other factors too before going for Virtualization.

There is no baseline framed to say that this is the service that has to be virtualized and this one is not, it all depends on your needs. Some people virtualize their Exchange 2007 server but most of them dont. any further questions?
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.

Take a look at virtualization from a few perspectives: cost savings(servers), legacy OS support and server realty space.

With servers, by consolidating hardware, there would be cost savings.

From legacy OS and software, virtualization is to your advantage if you cannot find server hardware to support that software any longer.
Lastly, servers can take up space. Virtualizing can help you recoup sprwaling space that servers are consuming.
AFlowersIT Manager

For ComputerTechie:  I would like some information on your virtualization solution.  Thanks in advance!

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