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Hi everyone,

I'm somewhat of a dedicated server novice, so I can use some help with comparing these two. A word about the companies: I'm currently with shared hosting and am VERY happy. My site loads fast, and support tickets are responded to relatively fast, and efficiently. was recommended to me by a relative who used to be a client of theirs, and who says their support was superb.

Trying to spec relatively comparable servers, liquidweb seems to be cheaper. Also, they are a lot quicker to set it up (5-10 hours) vs 3E which can take 1-7 days, depending on whether they have the requested hardware "in stock". This in itself makes me feel that LW is a better choice. The way I see It, it shows they're a more established company with more/better resources. Also, if I would have to upgrade in a hurry, for example, to handle a big traffic influx, it would happen a lot quicker with LW.

Anyway, here's what I specced out at and

These are both Window plans.

3E - M202 plan, $395 a month ($99 setup fee):

Xeon Dual Core - 3.0Ghz
1 GB Ram
80 GB Raid 1
IP addresses: 5
1500 GB transfer

LW offers the following for $364 with a $150 setup fee:

Dual Xeon Quad Core - 1.6 GHZ per core
2 GB Ram
120 GB Raid 1
4000 GB transfer (2000 + 2000, not sure about 3E offering)

At first sight, LW seems to be offering a lot more for the money. There are, however, a few differences which may make up the difference:
First of all 3E includes something they call "Managed Enterprise Firewall". The only firewall option with LW is an additional $100 a month. In addition 3E includes mailenable mail server, while LW doesn't seem to offer any mail. On the other hand 3E doesn't offer phone support, while LW does.

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. There may be important factors I've missed. What do you think?
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I would go with LW I have used mail enable and it is easy to use and works great.
MailEnable has a free edtion.
I use the professional version.

Not to throw you off... but also look at
they have all their dedicaed servers running on 10 VMware  hosts,  which provide redundancy as far as hardware and cost would be roughly $300/month not setup fees... We have been using them for the past few years and rarely had any minor issues.  good thing about them is you get your firewall protection already in the cost.

LW is well knows.

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