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I have a website written in asp.net which uses a masterpage. I defined the meta keyword and description in my web.sitemap, but nothing shows up on the page, except it shows some meta id like ctl00_description and such:

<meta id="ctl00_description" name="description" content="handywise online advisors" />
<meta id="ctl00_keywords" name="keywords" content="online advisor, email consulting, financial advisor, consulting" />
<meta id="ctl00_refresh" name="refresh" http-equiv="refresh" />

What are these meta tag for?  Where did they come from?  How can I set my page so that it picks up the correct one?  

Here is the web.sitemap I have for that page, http://www.handywise.com/all_advisors.aspx?dept=Retirement_Planning, which doesn't show what it is supposed to show.  

Please help, thanks.
<siteMapNode url="all_advisors.aspx?dept=Retirement_Planning" title="Retirement Planning" description="Retirement Planning" pagetitle="Handywise Professional Advisors Retirement Planning - Plan Your Retirement with the right Professional Financial Advisor" metadescription="Plan your retirement by talking to a Professional Financial Advisor face-to-face online now" metakeywords="retirement planning, financial advisor, investment planning, personal finance, old age planning, plan for the future" imageUrl="bullet1.gif" />

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Thanks Todd, I am able to create my meta tag, however, I cannot get rid of those meta id="ctl00_description" meta tag.  What are they?  Do they matter?  

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