Is it normal for Server2003 to have over 2500 TCP/UDP endpoint connections?

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Are all these connections to itself and listening ports common?  

This box is running as a domain controller, email server (native mode hosting multiple domains w/exchange 2000), ftp server, web server, SQL, POP, etc + 1 client behind a firewall.  Pratically everythings configured on one box.  I know the 2500 dns UDP's are there from MS and think the others are due to the native mode mailboxes and ftp.  I would like to see some other TCPView results to compare.  Let me know if you need any other information.  Thanks!

1. Is this normal?
2. Please explain or confirm why there are so many port connections?
3. Since the machine isn't doing anything does it need to have all these connections?
4. Is there a way to reduce the amount of connections?

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If you applied the patch MS 08-037, then this is by design.   My DNS server has the same number. 
In this article, there is a registry entry to reduce the number of connections.

For the number of services on the machine, that is not a lot of connections, except for the DNS stuff...
ensure that your server is not infected with a virus...
try to install an anti-virus.



Thanks for you comment.  I posted those files because I would have liked to see some comparisons.  I know the UDP DNS 2500 is by design and do install / uninstall a virus scanner occasionally.  I question how the ports loop around and how this machine functions in native mode hosting multiple domains (I didn't set it up).  Nslookup inside the domain gives Non-authoritative answers like "Name:" for any query.   I was hoping to be enlightened about the data I provided and all the services / ports looping around on this machine (mentioned in the tags).

Wanna take another stab at it?

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