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I'm monitoring a few Windows 2000 Stand Alone Servers with several TB of attached hard disk space. When arriving at the servers and doing my initial checks. I'll notice that perhaps 3 GB of files have been added to network drives via drive mappings by users during the last week. I want to determine:

a: where the 3GB of  new data was placed
b: Which user or computer added the data and when.

Without this utility I'm looking for, I spend a lot of time manually looking for the answers to these questions.....

I'm hoping to find an inexpensive [less than $50] utility to provide this info in a report form

I'd like to see a report which would tell me something like:

3:15 pm - Computer20 - file copy to \\server\sharename\folder - 1.1GB

Thanks for your help - dosmanix
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I havent ever seen one, but just to offer another tip (sure you have tried this, but I dont like seeing threads go unanswered.....)
Change view to "Details">Sort by details column>Make sure that the Date Modified column is showing (should be a default), and then navigate to the newest modified folder.
Would probably be wise to go to Folder Options, and set the view to apply to all folders.....


Thanks, you are describing some of what I do when looking manually.....

I'll be surprised if there is no utility to do this. For me, it is a common and time consuming issue....
Again I've arrived at my client to find out that someone has copied 4GB of data to the network. Without this utility I'm describing, I have no quick easy way to determine where it is or who copied it there.

I'm familiar with all of the manual time consuming ways of getting this info.......If you see this, and you are unaware of a utility to address the issue, could you please write a few notes about how you deal with this issue on your network.

Thanks for ANY input....


have to close abandoned question. not really a solution

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