Dual WAN Links on Cisco ASA

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I have 2 circuits coming into a building. I have 4 public IPs available on each line. What I would like to do is connect one of them to the "outside" interface of the ASA, and setup a secondary outside interface. At that point, I'd like to be able to seperate traffic, ex. HTTP goes out "outside", SMTP comes in through "outside2", etc.


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Sorry, but the ASA firewalls won't do route-maps or port-based forwarding. You can use SLA to configure one circuit as primary and the other as a failover, but you cannot split traffic as you explained it.
its possible with route-map i guess

you set access-list for interested traffic and in route-map you set the required gateway.

between, for terminating two ISP ends you need security plus license

please confirm that also..
yashinchalad's comment is not correct - the asa route map does not function in the same way as ios route map. there is no option to set the outgoing interface or next hop in asa.

stsonline is correct - you can not achieve application or port based path selection in asa/pix. the best you will do is to put a router in front of the firewall and do the job there; or have the 2 providers run rip/ospf/eigrp and feed selected routes to the firewall.

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