Changing DNS name of Active Directoy domain

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I inherited a couple of AD domains (1 W2K3 DC each) which have the DNS name foo (as opposed to foo.local).  I want to rename to foo.local to get rid of DNS errors, etc.  Do I need to do a full domain rename, or can I take a shortcut and change the DNS name on the DC at Control Panels->System->Computer Name->Change...->More...->Primary DNS suffix of this computer ?  I think I know the answer but wanted to see if there are any shortcuts here.
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No shortcuts, sorry.
To even remotely be able to begin to do this, check the following article; note especially the part about the applications that are incompatible with domain rename in the case of a single-label domain name:
Information about configuring Windows for domains with single-label DNS names


@oBdA: I'm certainly not looking to keep the SLDN.  Just gives me more reasons to continue with my plan.

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