Facebook Contacts Application is blocked on blackberry connected to BPS

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Hi all --  

I'm the IT Admin for Travel Planners and we have about 10 users on our BPS servere with their personal BlackBerries.  Unfortunately -- i can't restrict them from downloading or running any apps because its their personal phones.  So i've been also experiencing issues w the Facebook app 1.6 where my contacts/calendar are no longer synchronizing w my blackberry as they are grayed out if I go to the options menu.  

I've read out there about IT Policies for BES but I cant find anything for BPS... Can anyone help?

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Here you go. Attached is the policy reference guide for BPS.
Hope it helps.


I'm sorry but this got me no where.

The IT policies for BES and BPS are the same - BPS = BES 4.1.4.
You said you've read about IT policies for BES but can't find anything for BPS - above are the list of IT policies for BPS.

I'm having the same issue with my BPS/BES server.
Install this

Then edit your default it policy and set "Disable organizer data access..." to false; its location is:
RIM Value-Added Applications > Disable organizer data access for social networking applications

Here you can see the results of this policy:

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