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Good afternoon!  I'm having an issue with one of our users experiencing some extreme lag whenever they attempt to access files off of one of our network shares.  The issue itself is intermittent but pretty extreme when it does happen, enough that they generally can't get to the file at all.  I've checked the event log on the machine and on the server and haven't found anything in that department that would point to a problem.  What I'm wondering is if there's some way for me to check and see if there's a network bottleneck somewhere between his computer and the disk array that's causing the problem.  I've been primarily a systems admin for most of my career so troubleshooting network-related issues is still something of a mystery to me.  Here's our current setup:

Active Directory Domain, Promise M500 Disk Array shared via Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista Workstation.  HP Switches.  
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If the user has a network share mapped that is not available or has been removed from the server / PC.
It will cause delays when connecting to network shares.


Checked on their machine and they didn't have any old shares mapped.
When the user is having the problem can they access other shares on the server OK. If this is the case you should consider removing and re-creating the share. If there is a problem connecting to other shares on the server there may be a problem with the NIC or the network cable.

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