What are the most popular RSS readers/websites?

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Hi There,

I've just had the programming done to produce a bunch of RSS feeds from my database. The feeds are all for jobs - i.e.. lists of jobs in different US States and in different categories. I can see lots of websites where links are provided to a huge list of RSS readers/websites. Which are the most popular and/or most suited to this kind of feed? Google Reader is an obvious one, but what others are important? I don't want to have to put 10 links for each feed if I can avoid it. However, I would like to provide links for the most popular readers/websites.

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The major sites like CNN, New York Times, About.com serve RSS to Google, like you said, and My Yahoo. After that, you might throw My AOL or Netvibes in there, but Yahoo and Google are clearly the top two.

You'll also want to set up an account with www.FeedBurner.com (owned by Google), which is quick and easy and helps people find you and set up e-mail alerts as well.

If you can, I would also consider sharing that stuff to your users' Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages. You could also add those RSS feeds to your own versions of those social media pages pretty easily if you have them.

You could add RSS feeds to your Twitter page via www.twitterfeed.com and add them to your Facebook page via the Notes section of your Facebook profile.

Creating a widget for users to put on their blogs or social media sites via a third-party site like http://www.widgetbox.com/ can also help spread the word offsite.

Hope all that helps.


Thanks - very helpful!
Glad to help Bill. Lemme know how it goes. I'd be interested in seeing how your site turns out. Good luck. Thanks again for using Experts Exchange.

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