Alt+Tab Reboots System

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do you get a BSOD?
if that is the case, you likely have some hardware or driver issues.

for example, if this is a desktop/tower, open it, and get all the dust off the stuff (gently, please!)
check in the bios if the temperature is eventually getting too high.
check in the eventlog if you get any eventlog entries that could indicate the problem.
check if you get any devices/drivers marked with yellow !  in the computer management => devices

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Update your graphics driver.  If this happens when switching out of a certain program (usually a game), check to see if there's a patch.

Did you find anything in event log?

Regarding Event Viewer:

How to view and manage event logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP:

Also, try disabling Automatic Restart:
(My Computer/Properties/Advanced/Settings)
You'll see the message on the blue screen and the event will be logged.
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Do you have Counter Spy installed on the system in question? This is a known issue if it is.


I have CounterSpy 3.1 installed.
Bingo... that is your problem. I honestly do not know if there is a patch for the problem. You may want to call tech support and ask. Otherwise, you will need to remove it and use another anti-virus program to stop the problem.

I like to use SuperAntiSpyware along with Avast! antivirus. Both are extremely low resource programs and very effective.
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Assist points?  I think its applicable...400/100.
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Assist points?  I think its applicable...400/100.
Naturally, I leave it to a moderator to decide the final disposition of this question, and I will abide by whatever is decided.

Having said that, this problem is well documented as being caused by Counter Spy, as I noted. The poster acknowledged that, indeed, he/she has Counter Spy installed. The issue here is that Counter Spy integrates itself into various windows "hooks," disrupting the normal operation of not only the alt-tab shortcut, but a couple of others. To my knowledge, there is no patch for this issue other than to remove it if it is troublesome. This issue is not caused by a video driver, so I do not understand how you feel that your comment was applicable to the resolution of this issue. If I had to assume anything (which I truly hate to do), I would assume that the poster indeed removed Counter Spy and the issue was resolved. I base this on the assumption that if the offending software was removed and the issue remained, the poster more than likely would have made an additional comment to that affect.

Again... just my thoughts on this issue and the objection posted. I mean no disrespect to anyone, and leave it in the capable hands of a moderator as usual...


I believe the above sequence says it all. I have already stated my opinion above. The issue was apparently caused by Counter Spy being installed. I believe the requestor emoved the software, thereby fixing the problem. If not, I am sure the requestor would have posted an additional comment to that affect.

I think I should get the points for this question and resolution, but, again, I leave it to the mods to decide the final outcome.
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Agreed...for some reason I was thinking Counter Strike (don't even know why I objected, looked at this before).  However, with that said, alt-tab reboots are not limited to Counter Spy.
 Objection removed.

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