how to do boolean on sql server ssms table filter

edwinbmiller used Ask the Experts™
would like to do or filter like UTM||Hourly on object explorer filter setting but does not work
what is correct syntax?
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In SQL Server, one normally uses the terms "AND" and "OR".  
I am not exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your "UTM||Hourly."  Are you saying that you want to test a column in a table for either "UTM" or "Hourly" and not return any columns that do not test True or return all rows and then actually filter those rows on the CLient side to restrict the display to the rows with those values.
In other words, are you rally wanting to filterthe rows after the fact or constrain the selection of rows at the time of selection?


I meant to use UTM||Hourly to mean
UTM OR Hourly
in this case specifically i went
if tablename not containing UTM OR Hourly
then show
I don't think MS has allowed for that usage.  You will probably have to filter on each separately or figure out how to filter out the rest of the tablenames.  Is there a common element in the names you do not want to see that also does not appear in the names you do want to see?
I think the issue really is that noone answered the question in the way that the author wanted it answered.
I provided an answer and a suggestion as to a work-around but I am afraid that the author doesn't want the correct answer, only the answer that the author wants to hear.

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