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Hey Experts,

I'm having a problem with my IE8 with Windows Vista, it seems now that now when I clear my cookies and temporary files the files are not completely deleted and still data remains of my browsing visits. I have to manually go in and delete them. This did not occur previously and I have not had problems with this or any other browser previously,

I did remove an anti-virus application (mcafee total protection) from my system but besides this I have made no other major changes to my system. I do not understand why IE8 does not completely erase by cache files.

I also would be interested in a way to manage cookies easily, perhaps a cross-browser tool?

Thanks for any help.

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Try reinstalling IE8 and see if that helps, some of the files may be corrupt. I had a client with a similar issue and he downgraded to IE7 the reinstalled 8.


Hmm, I apologize for the delay in responding and thank you very much - I tried reinstalling IE8 from IE7 a couple times but that still hasn't fixed this issue. This really is a bugger!

I'll go ahead and leave this question open for a day or so more to see if there is any more input, thanks!


Can't resolve this issue decided to use a batch script to delete the items for the time being thanks for the help

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